Friday, March 21, 2014

Pageside Rabbit // Lapszél nyúl


Черный изюм said...

Ой, какой хорошенький!

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Anonymous said...

Very cute ! :)

Selfless said...

I have an archer at par 140. I'm grinding by myself. Just seeing other people passing by or Maplestory M mesos training at the exact same place as me would make me feel much better, even if it's not a party.

Right now, because this match is single-player, the game seems really lonely I don't wish to play with it in its current state.Anyway, I expect that the guys over at Nexon listen to my suggestions and add multiplayer.

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Here's why I'm heart torn on financing a ghost:I'm around 1m range completely buffed with 254% boss and 84 percent PDR (this range is without ANY percent ATT and I have approximately 100k nx to hopefully use to cube my items in the next hot time; however, maplestory 2 mesos shop if I decide not to continue investing in my phantom, I Will Likely use the nx to karma all my gear over to a new NW.

Jowisz said...

Ciekawy przepis. Na pewno skorzystam!

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