Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Small Koala II// A kis koala II


Maria said...

I love this ! :)

Judit said...

ÓÓóóóóó! :)

mohsen said...

hi Irisz;
this is Mohsen (: name), and i am living in Tehran, Iran.

You know, i've a literature/general blog, in persian (farsi) language, and i used 3 of your illustrations on it.

i read the post "how to use copyrighted pictures" in your blog, and then i read that "if i wanna use more than 3 of your illustration in my blog, i must tell you and get your permission".

cause of this, i am here to get your permission about continuing use of your illustrations in my blog.

you can see your illustrations in my blog by the addresses below :




also if you want, i can translate these blog posts for you, that you can understand how i use your illustrations by my writings.

and of course, if you're willing to cooperate with me, we can do our common (joint) works in our two countries, Iran and Hungry. we can publish our joint work, I will write, and you will illustrate.

waiting for your answer
thanks and have a good time

(name :) Mohsen (last name:) Sharou
IM (yahoo msnger) : m.sharou
IM (google talk) : sh.moh3n
mail : sh.moh3n@gmail.com

Heikesquilt said...

This is so cute.


Unknown said...

how cute! :D This is coala going to the school?

Dalva M. Ferreira said...

It seems that the little koala is not so happy to come back to school... Kisses and hugs from a huge Brazilian fan, Irisz!

Aline Veingartner said...

own! *-*

Unknown said...

SUPER CUTEE!! from now i'l follow your art!! :-D

christine grove said...

Oh! I love this little guy!

Nihan said...

this koala is my love:)))